The organisers of 'Living City. City of Dreams', the opening conference of 2012 for Nordic Look, have been recognised by the Estonian Landscape Architects Union (ELAU) with a nomination for the 'Estonian Landscape Architecture Act of the Year 2012' award. The creative economy series Nordic Look, which was organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia, the Estonian Centre of Architecture and Creative Estonia, focussed in 2012 on urban space and architecture.

The ELAU explained why it had nominated 'Living City. City of Dreams' for the award by saying that as an international conference headlining a high-level series of events that shone the spotlight on the formation of urban space, the event had brought together a large number of participants and every profession involved in shaping the civic landscape, turning clear attention to landscape architecture (including by bringing renowned Swedish landscape architect Patrick Quist to the event). The keywords of the conference were 'street', 'square' and 'park', with much of the attention focussed on outdoor space (i.e. landscape architecture).

The nominees for the 'Estonian Landscape Architecture Act of the Year 2012' award are:

  • Kultuurikanad /Culture Chickens/
  • Ping Pong
  • The reconstruction of the Tallinn Defence Forces cemetery (Filtri tee 14) from 2002-2012
  • The outdoor areas of the Seaplane Harbour
  • The book Väikevorm mõisamaastikus /The Small Form on the Manor Landscape/
  • A dictionary of park terminology
  • The Nordic Look 2012 conference 'Living City. City of Dreams'
  • The professional standard for landscape architecture (approved in June 2012)
  • Outdoor living space magazine ÕU /Outside/

More information about the nominees is available here (in Estonian). 

Nordic Look will continue this year from 3-9 June, with the focus this time on the film industry. The event will comprise the Nordic Film Days – during which the Katusekino and Sõprus cinemas will be screening films from the Nordic region – as well as an expert seminar and a study trip on 7 & 8 June. Nordic Look 2013 is being organised by the Estonian office of the Nordic Council of Ministers and in association with the Nordic embassies in Estonia, the Black Nights Film Festival, the Estonian Film Institute Foundation and the Sõprus and Katusekino cinemas. Its organisation is being supported by the Estonian Film Industry Cluster and the European Union Fund for Regional Development.

For further information please contact Eha Vain (telephone: +372 627 3104 / e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).